START & FINISH WHEN YOU WANT -- PERSONALIZED & FLEXIBLE DRIVING TIMES -- ALL THE FREEDOM YOU NEED AT JUST $370 from our online store or $360 if your paying with Cash or Check

     * This is the best and most flexible way to get through your training. 

     * We offer this program all year long and work well with your schedule

If you're desiring to just do the driving portion of your online experience with us, because you're using IDLA, AAA, or have paid directly, then the tuition payment will be $300 and you'll bring that to your first scheduled drive with us.

The perfect situation for the active, ultra busy, and self motivated student, that wants and needs to get the training to drive a car safely and soon.
Through the process of trying to schedule a much needed class for driver's education, you may have found that with your student's busy schedule that the best and most feasible way to complete the required 30 hours, will be to do them online. Thanks to our joint partnership with the new IDAHO ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION program, it is now possible to get a true homegrown Idaho focused education and not have to spend the hours sitting in a traditional classroom.
Our partner, IDAHO ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION.COM, uses an interactive online course that meets national standards for online learning and is approved by the State of Idaho. Since starting an online virtual classroom, Rocky Road has had over 1,600 students successfully complete the program. In the process of doing the online class, a driving instructor from ROCKY ROAD DRIVING SCHOOL will be monitoring the progress and then will make contact with the student to set up a driving schedule. The driving portion will start to get scheduled once the class is over 80% underway and or completed.  We pride ourselves in being able to cater to the scheduling needs of the student and their families.  After completing the online portion of the class, the final hour of driving will be done with the student's parent observing all of the skills that have been taught by our instructor. When that date occurs and the driving and online classes are finalized, the six months of the graduated licensing program begins.
If this process is the best fit for you and your family, then we would love to help you get the training you need, so just follow the directions below.


  1. Fill out our online registration and use the last spot labeled ONLINE CLASS.
  2. PAY your tuition using our ONLINE STORE.  You'll get your virtual invite once you've followed steps #3 & #4
  3. When you get your confirmation email, use that information to obtain a permit from the DMV.
  4. Email or deliver the permit number directly to Rocky Road Driving School with your full payment of $360.
  5. We will provide you with details for getting registered with  
  6.  Start learning!


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