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Steering Wheel


Idaho law requires the purchase of a Learner's Permit BEFORE ANY PART of driver's ed can begin. We are unable to allow any driving to be scheduled until we receive the permanent permit card from the DMV (could take 2 to 4 weeks after purchase)

You MUST email us a copy of the TEMPORARY PERMIT RECEIPT you received from the DMV to complete enrollment

If you haven't purchased your permit, then you must SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE DMV

and bring the following information:

  1. Photo ID

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. Verification of Compliance (VOC) letter from your High School counselors office OR homeschool affidavit provided at the DMV 

  4. Social Security Card

  5. Emphasize that you are using ROCKY ROAD DRIVING SCHOOL when asked what driving school you are attending


New to Idaho? Need to do just driving or observation hours? Don't know what you need? See our CLASS page for more details. 


Driving Lesson


Only for those who are one of the following: 

  • Over age 17 and opting not to do a drivers ed course but still want behind the wheel driving lessons. 

  • Have already begun using another in-person driving school or other Idaho State approved online course such as IDLA, AAA,, etc. for your online classroom curriculum.

  • An out of state transfer student that only needs a specified number of driving or observation hours in a drivers ed vehicle to complete the Idaho requirements for drivers ed according to the State Department of Education (SDE) Coordinator at 208-332-6984.

    • Must call in advance before registering to find out what part of previous instruction is transferrable for proper transfer of permit or license.

We provide 6 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel training with a licensed instructor. This is the same amount of time required by the state of Idaho for graduation from any drivers education program and release of the student's permit. Proof of your Learner's Permit purchase from the DMV as well as the start & completion date from your other online course will be required before driving schedule options are offered. The tuition payment for this option is just $420 if paid by cash, check or debit card online. A nominal fee will be added for those who prefer the convenience of using a credit card for online payment. 

Driver Behind Wheel


We are happy to provide quality one-on-one behind the wheel training by the hour with a licensed instructor for adults over 17 and other students not required to complete a driver's education course. This option is perfect for those needing to learn to drive for the first time or just brush up on skills before testing for a license. You may choose to purchase any amount of one hour sessions, however, new drivers are encouraged to schedule a minimum of 2 to 6 one hour sessions, in either one or two hour increments in order to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time. Proof of your Idaho learner's permit will be required before driving schedule options are offered. 


The tuition payment for this option is just $75 per hour and must be paid for by cash or check at the time services are rendered, unless you wish to do a full set of 6 hours of one-on-one behind the wheel training. In that case you would be able to pay online using your debit or credit card by selecting the IN-CAR INSTRUCTION ONLY option. Debit cards are free but a nominal fee will be added for those who prefer the convenience of using a credit card for online payment. 


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