MIKE MCCRADY - Owner/Instructor
ALLISON TILDEN - Office Mgr./Instructor
JEFF KNIGHT - Instructor
GREG WOOD - Instructor
JASON MIRAYA - Instructor
EMILEE CROFTS - Instructor
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Owner & Instructor

I am a full time educator at Rocky Mountain High School where I teach Honors Sophomore US History. I have been teaching in the classroom since the late 90's, and teaching driver’s education in the Treasure Valley, both publicly & privately, since 2001. My philosophy is that student drivers need to be engaged in the driving process, during both their driving and observation time. My students encounter as many driving situations as possible during their education, and take part in meaningful dialogue about those situations. My family means the world to me and by teaching students driver education through my own school, I can guarantee that I will teach your son or daughter in a manner that will keep both my family and yours safe on the road.



Office Manager & Instructor

Allison Tilden is my one and only sister, who decided to join the Rocky Road family in September of 2010. She has also been a full time educator as a secondary level substitute for the West Ada School District since 2007. Allison is a devoted wife & mother of two beautiful children of her own as well a foster son who joined the family in 2016. Her nurturing spirit and fun-loving personality makes the beginner driver’s experience a smooth transition for all skill levels of students. She took on the Office Manager position in September 2020, handling the website, permits, drive scheduling and apprenticeship training for us among a long list of other duties. She is devoted to keeping our instructors and large volume of students rolling through to the finish line and still drives students full time as well. It has been a great honor to have her as a part of the family business for all these years. 

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Kristin is a full time educator at Mountain View High School where she teaches Senior English. She has been teaching for over 20 years and was honored as Teacher of the Year in 2004. She is an amazing story teller, and our students are privileged to experience her engaging and exciting teaching style in the Rocky Road classroom as well as the behind the wheel training. 




Jeff Knight is a full time educator at Rocky Mountain High School where he teaches Common Core Math courses. He has been teaching almost as long as I have and has been involved with Rocky Road Driving School for the last 9 years after spending one year in public driver's ed. The students will enjoy his laid back personality and funny anecdotes, but need to remember that none of his stories about me are true.  It is a special thing to get the chance to work with your best friend on a daily basis and we have been what I would call, "lifelong friends" for the last 3 decades. 




The honor of having Greg on this team is mine as he is an incredible person that I have called a friend for over 25 years.  He is a quality example of humanity, kind, generous and with the patience of Job, which will only benefit your students to be able to interact with.  He began his drivers ed career in 1993 and his substitute teaching career in the Treasure Valley in 2005. He joined the Rocky Road team because of his desire to help foster the culture of safe driving along with a relaxed and fun experience behind the wheel.  




Emilee is a wonderful mother of 5 beautiful children and a drivers ed instructor since being talked into it by staff member and best friend, Allison Tilden, back in 2014. She has been a valuable part-time member of our staff, always ready to help ease our demand load whenever needed while still managing her large household. She is a fun-loving and enthusiastic instructor with a calm and nurturing teaching style. We are always glad to have her as a part of Rocky Road.  

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It is an honor to have Jason as a part of the Rocky Road Team.  Jason and I have been friends and colleagues for the last 17 years, working at Mountain View and raising our kids together. He has been a valued member of the MVHS Social Studies Department for over 15 years and one of the most dedicated teachers I know. In 2021 he became a Vice Principal at Mountain View and I have no doubt he will be an even more valuable asset to all the students and staff there in that position. Although his promotion means we won't see him instructing drivers ed students as much, we know Jason has worked hard to support his family and enjoys the process of teaching drivers education to kids, helping them learn the best methods to becoming safe and sound drivers.   




Eric has been a part of the Rocky Road family since 2013 and it is a pleasure to have his outstanding personality in the car.  He has been a stellar Math teacher at Mountain View since they opened in 2003 and has been a close personal friend of mine that whole time, even after I left for Rocky.  Eric brings great enthusiasm and patience to his in-car instruction, along with a stellar wardrobe of unique custom shirts that his students rave least so he thinks.   He is a quality & key component of what makes Rocky Road special. 




Brody joined the Rocky Road team in 2019 for a change of pace and never stopped moving. He lives in Boise and has 3 fun-loving sisters who adore him even more than our students of course. He likes to spend his free time watching football and exploring the outdoors. Although he may be our most youthful instructor, he has proven to be mature beyond his years about the safety of all our students. He has become a real asset to Rocky Road and we are grateful to have someone so dedicated to teaching teens the importance of becoming a safe driver.  We are lucky to have him. 




Lesley Costner hails from Payette, Idaho and has been a much appreciated addition to our Rocky Road team since September of 2020. She has a very friendly personality and a fun, lighthearted teaching style in the car that makes even the most nervous students feel at ease. Lesley has a background in the restaurant service industry as well as special education and 911 dispatch so she's certainly got what it takes to handle the stresses that often arise with teenagers behind the wheel for the first time. When not driving students, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 beautiful daughters and loves being a part of the tight-knit community of Payette where she has proudly become the coordinator for our Western Treasure Valley extension of Rocky Road in 2021. We are so delighted to have her as part of our team.




Nichole Flores is a former elementary school teacher in the Boise School District for over 20 years. She was inspired to join our Rocky Road team in 2021 shortly after her son finished his drivers education with Jeff Knight. So far she is loving the outlet it provides to do what she enjoys most, which is helping others reach their potential. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, two daughters and their husbands. They all love being active together as much as possible doing everything from biking, hiking, bowling, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and plenty of game nights. Her many years of experience raising and teaching children have molded her calm, nurturing  demeanor in the car that make even the most nervous student feel confident. She looks forward to meeting all her future student drivers and has quickly become a valuable asset to Rocky Road.    





Daniel Rhodes is a full-time Social Studies Teacher at Meridian High School where he teaches US History and Economics. He has been teaching and instructing drivers ed since completing his student teaching under Mike McCrady in 2019. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a chef for multiple years, running kitchens and working in high stress situations. His laid-back approach, both in his classroom and in the car, allows students to feel confident and comfortable as they learn new skills. He enjoys traveling to new places as well as adventuring in the beautiful outdoors of Boise and surrounding areas with is wife, Olivia who just decided to join our team in 2021. They are the first husband and wife team to teach for us and we couldn't be more thrilled to see them enjoying this great career together.